Real Steel 2 release date rumored for 2014

Real Steel 2 release date rumored for 2014
DreamWorks has already hired a writer for Real Steel 2. It seems that at DreamWorks have great confidence that robotic boxing drama entitled Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, will be a real blockbuster, and they already hired a writer to handle a film's sequel.

John Gatins, who wrote the screenplay and first film, has already begun work on a sequel, although there is still a contract with any studio film production and distribution.

Real Steel will be released in October of this year and will produce Jackman in the role of former boxer Charlie Kenton, who became coach / operator / manager in a world where his favorite sport came to be practiced only by robots. Besides his son, he is committed to train old and rusty robot, which sees great potential.

Probably both Jackman and director Shawn Levy, signed a contract involving a potential sequel, and if Real Steel gives blow at the box office on October 7, it will be more than welcome there is a completed script for the second.

It had strong competitors, so smoothly has won the top place ranking American. Real Steel, boxing robots family story, the receipts exceeded the North American territory as the other new entry this week, IDEs of March, and former champion of the stack, Dolphin Tale.

According to BoxOfficeMojo, Jackman movie in a leading role Jugh raised 27.3 million dollars, which, together with those obtained elsewhere 22.1 million accounted for almost half the production budget of 110 million.

The film was within the forecast distributor DreamWorks, which estimated that the story set in the near future, about a former boxer, his son, a dream and a robot will collect about 25 million dollars.